Beat Mundwiler

D.O.B.: 28-12-1962

My approach to painting (and art in general) is not naturalistic. It is rather the creation of an atmosphere that connects memories, expectations, dreams and feelings of happiness and sadness.

My paintings represent only themselves in the same way that also colors only represent themselves.
Is language the external equivalent for a thought or does it more behave like a color?

Cowbell Blues
I will create a sound-scene that reminds of Switzerland (my home country). It is so to say a sound transplant. It is taken out of its context and place. Many people here will know the sounds from a holiday or so.The whole thing has also something to do with homesickness. The story goes that homesickness was invented or experienced first by the Swiss.It also refers to the ongoing discussion here about being ‘auto-’ or ‘allochtoon’. I also think of the sirenes in greek mythology and in a way your are simply fooled.

A painting about a locality
A locality has coordinates on the map and can consequently be found without confusion.
It has a form, too. It is given through architecture and the surrounding nature for example. A locality has also content. It is given by its inhabitants and its history. The current content can be changed. History not. A specific locality is defined threefold.

1996 - 1997 University of Bern (CH): Veterinary Medicine. I did not complete the study for personal reasons.
1988 - 1993 University of Bern: Biology. I completed the study with a MSc research degree at the Institute of Zoology, Department of Behavioural Ecology.
1984 - 1988 Humboldtianum Bern: Preparation for the "Eidgenössische Matura" (staatsexamen gymnasium).
1981 - 1983 "Schule für Gestaltung" Biel/Bern. Education as a sculptor.